Prime Services

DLCC’s All-In-One User Interface Enables Clients to Painlessly Transact and Manage Risk Through a Growing Network of Digital Asset Liquidity Providers

  • Trade

    Seamless buying and selling of digital assets through our prime brokerage platform

  • Locate/Borrow

    Locates and borrows of digital assets

  • Short

    State of the art tools to properly manage directional risk

  • Lend

    Securities lending to enable yield augmentation strategies

  • Manage Collateral

    Seamless management of collateral across all open positions

  • Manage Profit and Loss

    Profit and loss management solutions optimize portfolio management


Full enterprise-grade offering complete with API connectivity


A comprehensive suite of traditional Prime Brokerage services, such as consultation and Capital Introduction, enabling clients to fully leverage their presence in the rapidly expanding digital asset ecosystem