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MUST LISTEN Podcast - Interview of James Runnels and Andy Hoffman of DLCC, Pt. III – “All That Glitters Is DLCC”

On November 20th, the BioPub team interviewed DLCC’s Founder and CEO, James Runnells, and Marketing Director Andy Hoffman, in a must listen hour-plus interview — to discuss all aspects of DLCC’s Version 1.0 product launch and business strategy; plus, the crypto markets in general, and the trends of exploding institutional demand that will make DLCC one of the leading crypto growth stories of 2021.

Due to popular demand, a second segment with James and myself was taped on December 11th, to discuss the same topics. Given the explosive increase in crypto markets; and a series of milestone events in DLCC’s development that dramatically improve its future outlook; the timing of this call could not have been better.

Since then, the crypto market has dramatically improved, and DLCC has significantly advanced its business plan. Consequently, a third segment was taped today, which you can listen to here.

In it, we discuss the broad crypto market, and give a detailed update on DLCC’s progress and plans.

For more information, please go to; email Andy Hoffman, DLCC’s VP, Investor Relations, at or call 720–350–4130

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MUST LISTEN, FEB 24TH, 5:00 PM EST – “FIRESIDE CHAT” w/DLCC CEO/Co-Founder James Runnels – Register for FREE, at…

(1) Digital Lending Capital Corp (DLCC) on Twitter: “MUST LISTEN, FEB 24th, 5 PM EST – Aves Lair sponsors Fireside Chat w/ @DlccPrime CEO James Runnels, hosted by Dan Torrey, Head of Institutional Sales at @LukkaTech. Register for free, at…” / Twitter

DLCC (Digital Lending Capital Corp) Launches Digital Prime Brokerage Platform and Onboards First Clients

DLCC (Digital Lending Capital Corp) Launches Digital Prime Brokerage Platform and Onboards First Clients – MarketWatch

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Digital Lending Capital Corp (DLCC) on Twitter: “MUST LISTEN PODCAST w/@DlccPrime CEO James Runnels and Director @J9Hightower; plus, an All-Star Wall Street Panel; “Digital Asset Opportunities for Traditional Institutional Investors”…” / Twitter